SF Otago Services

SF Otago offers a wide variety of services to families/whanau of the mentally ill. Serious mental illness is a bewildering and confusing, often frightening experience not only for the person with the illness but for their families and carers, employers and others in their social network. SF Otago exists to support and advocate for these people, provide information to make sense of diagnosis, medication etc. and help liaise with health professionals, therapists and other support agencies.

For many with serious mental illness, the "journey to recovery" is arduous does not happen in a vacuum: the care, support and understanding of the family/whanau is crucial.

SF Otago Fieldwork Service

Our trained fieldworkers will engage with the family/whanau as required to provide family support and information advocacy and education and, if necessary, will assist with liaison with other support agencies, health professionals etc. The Fieldworkers can provide information about mental illness, treatment options, accommodation, medications, relevant legislation and the mental health services available in our region.

Tapestry Clubhouse

The Tapestry Clubhouse is a “clubhouse” type of environment for those individuals recovering from a major mental illness, operating for the purpose of providing a restorative environment for the vocational and social rehabilitation of its members. The SF Otago Tapestry Clubhouse has achieved International Accreditation and as the only one in New Zealand, leading the way in many aspects of assisting people within our community. Tapestry Clubhouse operates along a “work-ordered day” principle and amongst the important goals is to assist members in re-entering the workforce and building the much needed self esteem that is associated with having gainful employment.

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