SF Otago: Supporting Families in Mental Illness

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SF Otago provides two main services, the Clubhouse which supports people with mental illness, and the Fieldwork service which supports family/whanau of those with mental illness. 

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Family Support:

SF Otago Family Support worker are employed to provide family/whanau with Support, Information, Advocacy and Education, as follows:

Provide information about mental illness, treatment options, medications, relevant legislation and the mental health services available in our region.

Act as advocates for the family. This can include supporting families during appointments with mental health professionals and other agencies.

Provide Support/Education Meetings and Groups for family members.

Provide Groups for children and teenagers who have family members with mental illness.

It is well understood that mental illness affects more than just the sufferer. The family of a person with mental illness may experience loss, grief, anger, frustration and much more in coming to terms with, or just dealing with the illness of a family member. We understand the importance of the family/whanau in the support and recovery of the mentally ill.

We also have a lending library and range of DVD's/video's

We welcome the opportunity to provide guest speakers or information material to any group or organisation.


Clubhouse is for people aged between 18-65 who use mental health services in the community.

Learn skills by being involved in one of our teams!
Garden and Maintenance
Education and Employment
Social and Recreation

What is Clubhouse?
The 'work-ordered day' is the central feature of a day at clubhouse. It is a casual, pre-vocational training programme, where you participate either in the kitchen, garden and maintenance team, employment and education or the admin team. From there you may choose to progress to getting help writing resumes and finding employment. We also offer support towards undertaking study or other personal goals.

Who Runs the Clubhouse?
Clubhouse is run by members for members. Members are involved in all aspects of clubhouse; operations, planning and decision making. Staff are always there to help.

How do I Become a Member?
If you would like to be a part of clubhouse, call us to arrange a time for an orientation, this is a formal but friendly process that takes about half an hour.

  Clubhouse has its own website available here  http://www.tapestryclubhouse.org.nz/ 

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